Flat belly by tomorrow – and other lies!

If you read that headline “flat belly by tomorrow” you would understand that it is just hyperbole, designed to grab your attention.
When you see “Make Money Online for Free!” I hope you realise that too is NOT gospel fact.
In modern times have developed strange beliefs about money, wealth, our “rights”.
Of course we should all strive to develop to our potential, but it is not a given. It is not going to just happen.
Even with AI included, there is not automatic way to become wealthy.
And even when some win the lottery through sheer luck, they never seem to keep it because of their poor attitude and “poor” thinking. But that is off topic.


Whatever level of success you attain it will be about Attitude, Belief in yourself and Consistency, Determination and Effort.
I can’t do the whole alphabet, but you get what I am saying.
A to E it is up to you!
My wife has this habit of saying that “I make her feel …(whatever)”
I have tried forever to convince her that she is in charge of how she feels. She can DECIDE to be happy, sad, anything! SO don’t blame others for your state.

If you are working in your business with no results, don’t blame others or inanimate objects. Just get better at overcoming what is preventing you from doing what you have to do to succeed.
You cannot make excuses for what you lack. Take action to solve problems, ask questions, find answers. Do what it takes!
Then you can tick off another achievement.

Nothing I say on these posts is new.
I am not that smart to come up with anything better than what has worked for centuries.
I just continue to do what I need to do every day and reap the rewards.
Slow at first, they grow over time so my big thing is patience!
Sow the seed, tend your plot and expect to harvest later!
Don’t wait only 3 weeks, find no fruit and rip the trees out!

Mea Culpa! In the past I have come so far and not had the required stamina, mind-set or patience to see it through and sabotaged the project.
Given up! Deleted and Erased!
Bad sign!

But we all have to learn (from our mistakes), and you know deep down that it can work,it does work for others, so it is not the fault of the system, the economy, or anything you want to blame.
It comes back to mind set and my “A to E”, above.
Don’t have any more time to write – I need to get posting ads and flattening my belly!
See you later!
Old Buddy BobĀ 

(not my belly just for the record!)