Mining for Gold or Tools for Mining?

You know the story – back in the day and even today, there are the fortune hunters trying to strike it lucky and uncover wealth in a single chance discovery. Most of them, like the amateurs in the Gold Rush Days of the 19th C, lucked out, ran out of money and had to return from the goldfields empty handed and broke. But the suppliers of basic tools and necessary items to the miners prospered whether the miners struck it rich or not!

A well-stocked store could bring its proprietor a fortune if a rush in an area lasted or grew. Equally, those stuck with piles of expensive stock just as there was a rush away from a field would be ruined. Still, contemporaries like Clacy observed that it was less speculative than gold and that merchants and tradesmen ‘usually in the long run make a fortune quicker than diggers and certainly with less hard work.’ Historian Geoffrey Blainey has argued that butchers (the only food sellers who could rely exclusively on local produce) were often particularly prosperous: ‘If we were able to piece together a list of the hundred men who in the 1850s made the most money from the gold-fields,’ he wrote, ‘butchers would probably predominate.’

As implied in the quote – “evergreen” products and services are better bets than “opportunities!”

That is what we focus on – finding tools and services needed by marketers. We have our audience and our suppliers and we join the two together. In today’s economy it is all about making this sort of connection.

The basic starting tool is LeadsLeap. I won’t hit you with a lot of explanations yet,
Just Get It! and connect with me so we can work together to get you set up.
Warning- this free LeadsLeap platform is extensive with everything you need for a business so don’t get overwhelmed. You do not have to set up much to begin and there are tutorials for all sections, but we will add as we need them.