Back in the day – not so long ago, my sister who was then  in her sixties was given a Personal Computer.

She had been a full time PA and secretary to some top executives in publishing so had considerable skills with admin systems and was trained in taking shorthand and typing through the 60’s to the 80’s.
Work had obviously changed so much over the years and in her case she had seen the introduction of telex and then fax machines, electric then electronic typewriters and finally data terminals and desktop computers.  But she had never made that transition to computers as she retired in the 80’s.

I am 16 yrs younger so grew up a generation later and was more involved with technology.  I would try and assist her to do more with her desktop than play games.  Now she is not intuitive when it comes to machines.
Her main fear was that she would “break” something if she did not follow a precise set of instructions.
This can be a barrier to anyone meeting the internet for the first time.  But we know that computers – even windows is not going to break.

Worst case scenario – you reboot!

For some of you who did not have a huge experience with computers and maybe no internet marketing exposure, you may also fear that you need to be accomplished in all aspects before you can set forth on your side-hustle/business.
This is NOT true.  You do not have to have expertise to make a move.
You learn by doing the hands-on stuff, not by studying theory or watching other people!
Don’t spend all day on You Tube looking at so-called experts telling you how.
Sure if you need help with a certain process – of course YT is your go to, but working on your business is not all about spending online time watching videos or reading blogs! This one included.